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Business Plans
We assist individuals with small business start-up by writing their company business plan. This is not only utilized when attempting to obtain funding for your start-up but also serves as a road map for the ownership of the business to follow as it relates to the growth and direction of the company.

The Grant Information & Resource Center Additional Services
Listed here are some of the additional services offered by the Grant Information & Resource Center.  Again, if interested in any of the services listed below please complete the Request Information box on the right of the screen and send us an email and one of our courteous, professional members of our staff will contact you.  To make a payment for any of these services please click button below.   To request information fill in the box on the right and click send.
Letter of Intent
Some funders require that your agency first submit a Letter of Intent (LOI) to show your intention to solicit them for grant funding.  Let us do it and relieve yourself of the headache.   

Grant Proposal
We have over twenty years of experience writing grant proposals and our grant writers are certified.  If you feel that you can't write them for your agency then we can. $ Prices range from $500.00 to $3500.00 depending on the complexity of the grant. Call for details. 

Grant Search.
We'll conduct a grant search for your organization where the results of that search will provide your organization with the funder's application, guidelines/instructions and any deadlines for submitting the proposal/application.  (Results will depend on the type of organization and the availability of eligible funders.  

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